The UID Climate group was founded by students in January 2019 to promote sustainability both in design practice and at the university. The goals of the Climate group are to:

  • work for a more sustainable school 

  • support students to work with sustainable projects

  • inspire students and staff to take on sustainable responsibility

  • influence our surroundings and the design industry to do sustainable changes

The group has been working with many different projects and events, as well as organizing talks throughout the year. During spring 2019 the Golden Seed Award was created. It is an award given to the graduating student with the highest form of sustainability work in the thesis project. The Golden Seed Award welcomes sponsors and for this year Umeå eXpression is supporting the jury and the prize.

Here are the finalists for this year's Golden Seed Award:


Do you have questions for us? Would you like to be a guest speaker? Would you like to sponsor the Golden Seed Award?

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