Press Kit

During UID18 Design Talks & Degree Show, graduating students presented their degree projects. The projects were presented through talks, via 3D models and by digital visualizations. The event has become an annual event where design proffessionals, companies and media gather to discuss trends and developments in the field of industrial design.

Where & When 

Where: Umeå Institute of Design, Östra Strandgatan 30
WhenMay 31 - June 1

Sign Up & Programme 

Sign up: Media representatives sign up to the event by contacting Communications Officer Jens Persson,
Programme info: For two days, May 31 - June 1, UID will host student design talks, an exhibition of models and visualiztions as well as  conversations with invited speakers invited special guests Stina Nilimaa Wickström, Vice President of Product Design for the Volvo Group, and Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO.

Media Info 

Project examples: One project from each programme is higlighted in advance. Requests for info on all 48 projects can be submitted to
Press images: Each of the project examples provides high resolution images for use by media represenatives. For press images contact
Book a media preview tour of the exhibition: To book a preview tour of the exhibition on Tuesday, May 31, contact Communications Officer Jens Persson
Media ContactIf you would like to request an interview or have any questions regarding UID18, please contact Communications Officer Jens Persson.



  • Media Contact

    If you would like to request an interview or book an exclusive preview tour of the exhibition, contact Communications Officer Jens Persson.

    Phone: +46 736-263551

  • Project Example

    Safe Surgery at Birth by Franziska Heuck

  • Project Example

    Space Tourism in 2040 by Tyler Mac Donald

    Since 1961 only 556 people have ever been to space. Most of us have dreamt of what it would be like to go to space, but it has always been limited to a very select few. Today, we are on the verge of a new age of space travel. An age dominated by private companies, not global super powers. This new age will be inclusive to all types of people; the young, old, fit, and lazy. The SAAB Aurora is a vision of what space tourism will look like in 2040. 

  • Project Example

    Democratizing your Data by Shigeo Katsura Gordon

  • Project Example

    Conscious Consumption by Felicia Hjelmqvist

    Consumption of clothes in Sweden is extremely high. We buy 13 kg of clothes every year, close to 70 percent of those clothes are thrown away that same year. This project focuses on helping people make consumption choices that are more conscious of our environment. Three concepts where created that focus on developing; 1. Better Second Hand, 2. Buying quality and sustainable clothes, 3. Better overview of wardrobe. The final result is a system that offers new sustainable ways of consuming clothes. In addition, an application for the benefit of the consumer was created, namely a tag for garments with RFID-technique that is loaded with history from the birth until the death of the garment.

    History Value