Stories & Projects

  • Designing through the eyes of a child – Creative therapies for motor disabilities


    Could small children suffering from incurable paralysis play themselves to a better everyday life? One UID22 grad project challenges the monotonous nature of crucial therapy.

  • Digital innovation designed to prevent online crime


    Students at the Umeå Institute of Design have, in collaboration with the police and youths, developed four digital solutions that aim to fight online crime against children and young people.

  • Carbon dioxide removal by dreams and desires


    What if our dreams and desires could remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? Oliver Weglinski explores the future of the controversial technology in his thought-provoking grad project.

  • CAKE Kibb – An autonomous ATV safeguarding the ecosystem of farms


    Does agriculture have to be synonymous with fossil fuel vehicles? Fanny Jonsson doesn't think so. She has developed a sustainable alternative set in 2030, CAKE Kibb, showcased at UID22.

  • A United Nations roadmap for sustainable mobility


    Equipped with the UN 'Sustainable Development Goals' as a roadmap for change, TD1 students role-played as design strategists analyzing trends and developing solutions towards a more circular future.

  • Blurring the lines between human and nature


    The might of the Uma river, whose life-giving force once gave birth (and name) to our city, inspired a group of students to embark on a design journey with mother nature as the ultimate beneficiary, rather than their fellow humans.

  • Designing for the post-pandemic, multi-generational home

    Is the global trend of multi-generational homes here to stay? If so, how can innovative design make the most of the opportunities and challenges presented by these households?

  • Biodesign: Embracing Dystopia


    In a challenge to develop speculative concepts designing with living things, students were asked to look into the future to explore how biodesign might shape our societies through the 21st century.

  • From sketch to model - the making of a 'Star Wars' lightsaber


    For his first ever sketch-to-model project, BFA1 student Isaac Stenegärd produced something quite special during the 'workshop training course'. Yes, it's a 'Star Wars' lightsaber.

  • Pioneering the next generation of intensive care units


    The first few minutes and hours spent at an intensive care unit (ICU) can be vital, literally. The speed and quality of care often affect patients' lives for years to come. In a project with Getinge, APD2-students explored new design solutions for vital sign monitoring in an ICU.

  • A vision of mobility for tomorrow’s urban families


    In a collaboration with Lynk & Co, TD1 students explored a range of mobility solutions for urban families in 2030. Each team received a unique brief where they were challenged to draw inspiration from different cities, cultures and user groups.

  • Ecocentric design for future forestry


    Recently, students from Umeå Institute of Design at Umeå University completed a unique project in collaboration with the Cluster of Forest Technology along with several major stakeholder in the forest industry. But the intended client was not industry, but nature.

  • Designing with fluid assemblages


    Things are not what they used to be. And design cannot be what it used to be if it is to work with them responsibly.

  • Creating together in the digital space


    Can collaborative design processes evolve in a time of lockdown and separation? In a project with Microsoft, the students' imagination was tested as they embarked on a quest to co-create in the remote space during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Exploring ‘the new normal’ in the post Covid-19 era


    Mid-pandemic, Electrolux challenged students at UID to explore new home care solutions for the post Covid-19 era. The concepts developed by students attempts to define a new generation of household appliances, products that could make the future home a more caring space in challenging times.

  • An Experiment in Machine Learning


    Over the past decade, AI and machine learning have provoked debate in the global design community. But what if machine learning could be used as a tool to break down gender stereotypes and spark creativity among young children?

  • Design driven by emotion


    Can the emotions of a single user inform the design journey for an entire vehicle concept? First-year transportation design students explored an unusual process driven by emotion.

  • Alumni Interview: Alberto Villarreal on creativity and staying relevant


    In design, one should always strive towards becoming a generalist, not a specialist. That's according to Alberto Villarreal.

  • Simon's grad project landed him his dream job


    In his grad project last year, Simon Linge collaborated with ABB to develop an idea for a robot that buzzes around hospital halls stacking shelves. Today, he works at the Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation.

  • Looking back - To create the future of design education


    What Maria Göransdotter doesn't know about UID is probably not worth knowing. After shouldering several roles, not least as vice rector, she is now primarily focusing on her doctoral thesis on Scandinavian user-centred design.