Playful child therapies and honest AI vehicles at UID22


And we're back! For the first time since 2019, the real-life grad show is returning to Umeå Institute of Design.

At UID22, the next generation of designers will uncover concepts covering a wide range of topics; from AI in autonomous vehicles, to playful therapies for children, to a device for managing your crypto assets.

Step into the future as budding designers from around the globe share their visions for a different, and better, tomorrow. On May 31st, graduating students present their grad projects during UID22 | Design Talks & Degree Show. The event sees students give bite-size talks on stage, showcasing their projects via 3D models and digital visualisations. The following exhibition allows visitors to speak to students and further explore their visions through physical models, graphic posters and video expositions.

"We are really looking forward to welcoming so many alumni and external guests, and seeing our students pitching their outstanding design concepts in real life again. It's an especially joyous occasion since many of the graduates themselves endured a global pandemic during most of their studies at the school", says Demian Horst, Head of Institute.

Creating resilient futures

Many of the 50 grad projects are based in the digital realm, often with the objective of making technology more accessible or more human. A host of projects also carry an aspect of sustainability, whether it be through the lens of environment, social innovation or healthcare. This year's student-generated theme - resilient futures - responds to these particular challenges facing our global society.

Natalia Ikebara, graduating from the MFA Programme in Advanced Product Design, designed a holistic therapy concept for children with motor disabilities, focusing on creating a more engaging and enjoyable experience. Another project saw Mario Schaffeld, MFA Programme in Transportation Design, explore the issue of trust in future intelligent vehicles. Inspired by soft robotics, he created interactive interior surfaces giving passengers the freedom to control the level of engagement from the vehicle's artificial intelligence.

Celebrating talents and ideas

"UID22 will be a celebration of talent and a rich display of ideas for more resilient futures by design. Looking at their latest visions, we are proud to see so many powerful perspectives on what responsible industrial design could mean now, and in the future", says Demian Horst.

Each year, the global reach of UID allows the school to attract students from all corners of the world. This year, the 32 MFA graduates alone represent 17 different nationalities. UID's international network of collaborators within research, industry and civil society help create an event that sets new trends and sparks discussion on where design is headed. For UID22, representatives from multinational corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, BMW, Volvo and Philips travel to Umeå to follow up collaborations with students, to view demonstrations and portfolios, and to recruit the next generation of industrial designers.

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