Autumn studies – gradual return to campus


Despite the uncertainty regarding vaccination and spread of disease, there is now a plan for how this autumn's studies will be carried out, at least for the first few weeks.


The hope is to open up the university gradually over the course of the autumn semester. The start will mean online teaching for most, but not for beginner students taking a study programme, who will be taught on campus. This applies until 29 September.

On 27 April, the Vice-Chancellor decided on the Umeå University COVID-19 adaptations for the first period of the semester - from 30 August until 29 September 2021. The decision was made in consultation with the Department of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention at Region Västerbotten.

"We are applying a cautious approach to the start of the semester due to the current uncertainty regarding how fast vaccination can be carried out and how the infection rates will develop. But our hope is to gradually return to campus this autumn," says Hans Adolfsson, Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University. 

How will the autumn semester start?

For most students, the first weeks of the autumn semester will resemble the spring semester with studies to a great extent online, and caution when it comes to visiting university premises. 
Beginner students on study programmes, however, are given the opportunity for on-campus education to get the best possible start of their studies. Provided that teaching can take place safely.

The Umeå University Library plans to open its study spaces and group rooms again. But it will still be important to maintain distance to others and follow the recommendations to reduce the risk of spreading disease when you visit campus.

When it comes to student onboarding at the start of the autumn semester, time will tell how possible it is to implement events. It all depends on the situation.

You will be informed about your specific studies from your education when planning is complete.

Support can be found

"This pandemic is, and continues to be, a huge challenge. Hence, finding out that you need to carry on studying off-campus can be tough. I hope all students are aware that we offer support and contact us when the need arises," says Elin Petersson, head of the Student Health Service.

If you experience a need for support in handling the effects of the pandemic mentally, or the stress that the pandemic or your studies can cause, you can always contact the  Student Health Service

If you need help in managing your studies or improving your study skills, you can also get help from the  Academic Resource Centre at the Umeå University Library.

What is old and what is new?

Read a summary of the measures that will apply this autumn:  Summary of autumn semester measures due to COVID-19

All the details can be found in the Vice-Chancellor's decision:
Decision regarding the 2021 autumn semester as a result of COVID-19