Skills and Methods

In your first weeks in the Interaction Programme, you will be introduced to the basic tools and workshop skills you will utilize during the rest of your time at UID. In addition to this introduction, other skills and methods courses are provided during your studies. Some examples of this are:

Interaction Design Methods
Our courses in interaction design methods are integrated into the three major term projects to ensure reciprocity between theory and practice. The courses run parallel to project work and give you the opportunity of relating specific design methods to concrete project work.

Literature Circle
A weekly meeting held throughout the first year of the program, where you will be responsible for reading, presenting, and discussing articles selected to provide you with an overview of the current discourses taking place within Interaction Design research and practice.

Introduction to Experience Prototyping
Held throughout your first semester, you will be introduced to the basics of prototyping with electronics, from learning how to solder and light up an LED, to programming motors with arduino and making sketches in processing.