Engaging Mobility

Investigating perceived quality in future automotive interiors

A collaborative project between the IxD and Transportation Design programs.

Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 in Denmark and today manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, multimedia and car audio products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. Currently B&O Automotive Division collaborates with companies like AUDI, BMW, Aston Martin and AMG by adding value to their in-car audio experience. In this collaboration project the students were tasked with investigating how vehicles could benefit if different levels of interaction with the user were a key factor to design interior components all around. In very objective terms, this required to approach the design process with the following mindset: "How can B&O systems continue to add value to the user experience inside cars in the future?"


Collaboration Partner: 
Bang & Olufsen

External Tutors:
Ivar Frischer, Yovinn AB 
Philipp Siebourg, B&O

Tara Mullaney

Course Responsible:
Niklas Andersson


Amuse by Doris Feurstein, Ayse Gokce Bor & Wonsik Ham
Amuse is a conceptual car interior that focuses on the joy of riding. Physical movements of body and sound enhance the feeling of driving to become one with your surroundings. The sound system is characterised by intuitive interactions and spacial sound feedback. 


Focus Shift by Karey Helms and Ernst Hellby
Focus Shift is designed to reduce the envisioned dichotomy of giving and taking control while also striving to create a smooth transition between driving or riding. This seamless shift in focus between active driving and active dreaming is executed through instantaneous glimpses and magical dreams.


BEO Journey by Marie Johansson
"How can B&O systems continue to add value to the user experience inside cars in the future?" Bang & Olufsen wants to "...move you with enduring magical experiences." With BEO Journey - travel experience system, can you remember your journeys or catch a glimpse of an existing one.


BeoAir by Desmond Wong, Jacob Cyriac, and Andreas Widner.
BeoAir creates an atmosphere for self reflection. It features kinetic ribbon speakers that move in sync with the passenger's breathing rhythm.