Tangible Savings

For Kids in the Digital Age


The students' task in this project was to design an artefact that will serve as a 'digital piggy bank' to overcome the two main problems with the increasing digitalization of money; digital money is very abstract for young children, and that children have no relationship with banks. The students were asked to address some of these question in their final design: What will digital money storage for a growing child look like? What could make money less abstract for a child? And at the same time, how can it be enjoyable and useful for children of different ages? What could a digital money gift from an adult relative to a child look like when physical money is not used?

In this project was conducted in collaboration with Swedbank, a leading Nordic-Baltic banking group founded in Gothenburg in 1820 with 9.5 million retail customers, who wish to enhance an economically sustainable community where children in an early age learn what money is and how to relate to it. With this project, Swedbank asked the students to explore the concept of the piggy bank as symbol of saving rather than just a place to store coins. The piggy bank has a long history together with Swedbank and has been a part of their system to build relations with young children.

The resulting concepts were designed to serve as inspiration for a new, mass-produced physical artefact, be suitable to use as an official gift product and be part of the bank's brand. The artefact could also have interfaces and services for distance interaction - although the main interaction will, especially during the early years, take place when the child and the adults are handling the physical artefact in the home.

The primary target audience for the final designs are children who are growing and developing physically and mentally over an extended period of time. The secondary user group is made up of those who can help and contribute to children's savings, e.g. parents and older relatives.


Collaboration Partner:
Swedbank Logo

Tara Mullaney

External Tutors:
Fredrik Goffhé -  Design Rhetorics
Jennie Forsberg - Brief writing

Course Responsible:
Linda Bogren

Programme Director:
Niklas Andersson 

Project process video by Soromist Chintanamanus


Den Lilla Nötsamlaren by Soromist Chintanamanus


Dreams and Wishes by Brian Oko


 Smart Book by  Jess Myra


More information and student projects available on the  course wiki.