Experience Prototyping 2013


5-Week Project, Fall Term

The main educational objective of this class is for the students to learn how to bring (envisioned, present or future) experiences to life via various prototyping skills and techniques. This year's theme - throughout these 5 weeks of hands-on learning - is  sound, the role sound plays in interaction design and experience prototyping.

The program for this year's edition is the following:

Week 1: Seeing Sound
Week 2: Rapid prototyping for data driven experiences
Week 3: Improvisation Interfaces
Week 4: Music and Motors
Week 5: Coding for screen interactions

In addition to developing a mastery of different tools, the students are required to docuement and reflect on their own design activities. Each student has to produce a weekly video report exposing their thoughts and perspective on their work.

More info and details on the  course wiki.

External tutors:
Kay van Vree and Diede van Vree (week 1)
Kaveh Shirdel and Friedrich Foerstner (week 2)
Bart Hengeveld and Mathias Funk (week 3)
David Gaultier and Jakob Bak (week 4)
Thomas Lövgren (week 5)

Course responsible: 
Christoffel Kuenen


Week 1 video:


Week 2 video: The Smile Bar
Doris Feurstein, Linus Persson, Kevin Gaunt, Shelagh McLellan


Week 3 video: Blink Blink by Bip Bop
- Jacob Cyriac, Karey Helms, Jessica Williams  


Week 4 video:  


Week 5 video: CiB: Cube in Box
- Linus Persson,

Find more experience prototyping videos on the IxD Vimeo account.