Photo Studio

The photo studio is available for UID students and staff. If you need to borrow equipment, generally, it is a good idea to book it  a week before you actually need it.

1. Booking of the Photo studio is done via UID caretaker Anders Hellström, who then grants access through the UmU card.  Send a mail to Anders to get your access card working for the days that you want to use the studio. Booking must be done a minimum of 2 days in advance.

2. Cameras are booked through Peter Lundholm. Remember, for user studies and documentation, your phone is usually good enough (but you knew that already, right?)

3. Flashes are also booked through Peter Lundholm.

4. If you need extra lighting, talk to Peter Lundholm or Rickard Åström.

5. Treat the back drops with great care! They are expensive, and should not be used as scrap paper...

6. Return equipment as soon as you are finished, even if you booked it for a longer period, since there are usually people in line to use it.