First Aid Kicks

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Footwear culture is a global phenomenon, and the urge to know how you actually design footwear is rising. Online you can find questions about how you become a footwear designer – questions without any answers. The sector offers limited education and tools – and there is no real starting point, or a place to learn the basics.

The aim of my project is to investigate how to make knowledge more accessible, educational and affordable, by working closely with users and experts. To create tools that can inspire others to start designing footwear, focusing on basic principles – just like a first aid kit.

Inspiration and Method

This project is based on personal experience with this lack of information and opportunities within this area. As an aspiring footwear designer myself I been through all the complicated and mysterious steps on the path to enter the world of footwear.

I saw this project as an opportunity to create this starting point that is missing today. With the feedback support from the running footwear design team at Adidas and American footwear design academy Pensole I got valuable insight and guidance.

Together with their support, and a close collaboration with my target group for this project - 17 year old students from Midgårdsskolan in Umeå , I’ve been able to envision my own solution for this problem.


First Aid Kicks offers an inspirational, accessible and affordable way to learn how to create footwear. Teaching the different steps of footwear creation in a new and intuitive way. Consisting of four different creative creation kits - a set of sketch templates, fabric shell patterns, an educational soft last and sketch overlays, these kits are turning a complex manufacturing process into something easy to understand.

The kits are focusing on both 2D and 3D creation, guiding the user to create with the correct proportions, encouraging more hands-on exploration, establishing a foundation for quick progress. There is also a mobile application to support the creation process.

This process can later be shared on a new community platform, making it possible for the user to get feedback and input on their work. The app also offers helpful tutorials how to get started with the products and important basic footwear knowledge.