Project Examples

DREAM PLAY by Martina Eriksson

For my thesis, I´ve been looking into how nightmares affect children´s desire and ability to sleep. It is most likely that all of us will be affected by a nightmare at one point or another. But for children in the age of 4-8 as much as 50% experience nightmares so often that it affects their desire and ability to sleep. The extreme uncertainty children face every time they go to bed can be horrifying and in the longterm cause insomnia, anxiety, depression and both mental and physical growth can be affected. Obviously children's imaginations are powerful and complex things, they can bring both delight and fear. But I believe the key is to use their high level of imagination as an effective tool to overcome these common childhood issues. So, together with child psychologists and nightmare specialists I created Dream Play. It is a children's first nightmare catching kit that consists of a digital and physical product. It will take the child though creative exercises that are based on a psychological method called IRT- (Re-Scripting). This means helping them to process the content of the nightmare and changing the outcome to make it less scary.

Mars Exploration Vehicle - Far Above, Far Beyond by Dominik Krug

This project aims to explore what the brand Land Rover could stand for in the future. The brand's rich history of exploring unconquered terrain has earned it admiration and desirability all around the world. Further extending its reach onto new worlds is within reach. In the 2030s the first manned missions to Mars are planned. First arrivers will likely have exploration vehicles that are limited in range and capability. To really explore the planet, vehicles with greater off-road capability and range will be needed. The vehicles also need to allow expedition crews to stay in the rover for longer periods comfortably and also offer extended life support on multi-week long journeys. With this project I am exploring possible answers to face the harsh conditions on Mars. Furthermore, the vehicle and it's features project a vision of what a future off-road driving experience could be.

Kanga - Mobile Resuscitation Kit by Darja Wendel

Time is life. One million babies die each year due to lack of oxygen at birth, 99% of them in low resource settings. The risk of death could be decreased by 16% for every 30 seconds reduction in time to ventilation. Simple interventions can save many of these lives. Kanga is designed to guide the caregiver during resuscitation, helping to reduce the time to ventilation, while enabling to keep the mother and baby close during this critical time. Observations of births and resuscitations in several hospitals in Tanzania, Norway and Sweden were essential to the design. Being onsite with mothers and caregivers, as well as collaborating with medical experts provided valuable insights that helped develop the Kanga solution. The Kanga mobile resuscitation kit aims to streamline the process of resuscitating infants born with breathing difficulties, thus helping save newborn lives.

Emplant - Challenging the Boundaries of Technology by Hector Mejia

Imagine being able to communicate emotions without words. How can we experience our emotional world, and others, in a more visceral, primitive way? How can we blur the boundaries of technology and the human body to allow for a deeper human connection?
Emplant is provocative fictional design product for romantic partners that proposes the creation of a new sense, using embodied technology, to allow humans to have a different experience of each other's emotions. The product itself is an implant that releases bio-engineered cells that create bio-structures under the skin. The structures vibrate on impulses from emotional data coming from your partner. 

The broader aim of the concept is to explore transhumanism and the implications of embedding technology in our body, blurring the boundaries of what is human and what not. The project can be seen as an hybrid, with one foot in the study of long distance relationships from a human-centered design perspective and another in the field of critical design, using its inherent power to create discussion and bring attention to how new technologies could affect our definition of humanity. Emplant is meant to ask questions rather than find answers. It is meant for everyone who is ready to think about the future of humanity and our evolution as a species.



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