Anne Asensio talked about the Age of Experience, when designers are not only involved in the design of a product anymore but in designing the full continuous experience journey ­- shaping new life scenarios, technologies and systems, businesses. She believes that designing a continuous and meaningful experience depends on breaking down silos, towards trans-disciplinary approaches … Creating Trust-based interactions is a formidable challenge in the industry today when we consider that the general public will be expected to trust more and more in technology. Things we take for granted in our well defined physical world require new interactions and experiences when all our references are slipping away.

Using examples from history, the culture of 'jugaad' (from India) and his own experiences, Rahul Lindberg Sen stitched together an inspiring talk about failure as the ladder to success. He drew from personal examples in the industry to impress upon us the need to focus on enabling smart failure, learning cheaply through our process and making new mistakes to enable a culture of success for ourselves and the teams we work within.