CAID1 for TD1

Advanced level step 1, 3 credits, 5ID117

For Master students this course could be continued with CAID 2 as a part of "Advanced Computer Aided Modelling and Visualization"

The main CAID program used is AutoDesk Alias Autostudio. From now on called just Alias. Also VRed, KeyShot and Speedform is introduced.

Form of tuition

Tuition is in the form of lectures and practical training under the supervision of tutor. In the computer lab, exercises will be carried out under the guidance of an authorized teacher. All sections in the course are obligatory. The Lessons could be found at:

Autodesk Alias Products Getting Started page 
Alias Getting Start _240px

Preliminary Schedule and required assignments:

Day 1

Welcome to the Alias Basic Course :)

Why Alias? What about Rhino, Maya, 3D-studio Max, Speed Form, ZBrush...

Download data files




How to Upload Assignments

 Cambro To English



F1 Interface Fundamentals

Tumble Center                       Smart zooming
POI_240 Alt _L_240

Take a look at these;

Assignment #1

F1.3 Organizing Parts onto Layers

Open the

  • Object Lister
  • layers
  • Layer Symmetri
  • Multi Color Shader (Diagnostic Shade)

Put your own "touch" on the model colors!

Continue to work with;





  Download data files

Course Files _Orginal _240px 

Understand CAMBRO















Assignment #1
F1.3 Layers 


Day 2

F2 Geometry Fundamentals

Assignment #2

File is in;

F2.f CV-Sculpting a Car Seat

  • Pick CV and Pick Hull on many CVs
  • Make CVs visible or hidden
  • CV sculpting symmetrically
  • Grouping & Pivots 
  • Surface > Round tool

Continue to work with;


F3 NURBS Fundamentals











Assignment #2
F2.f Car Seat 

F2f _Car Seat _240px


Day 3

Assignment #3

W1.1 Import YOUR
Own Sketches as Canvas Images

Use file > New.   Make it from scratch :)

W11_Canvas Images _240px 

Own sketches!
Or just  download some BluePrints.

For example from: Thomas

  • Preferences > Units and Tolerances
  • The BOUNDING BOX! Always real world SCALE
  • Position in space (XYZ) Y-axis through front axle
  • Grid
  • File > Save As   xxxx_TL01.wire Always a COPY


F4 Projecting, Intersecting, and Trimming


Assignment #3
W1.1 Import YOUR Sketches


Day 4

F5 Building with Curves & Surface Tools

Assignment #4

F5.4 Swept Surface: Mono-Rail Car Hood

  • Rail surface
  • Duplicate curve
  • Keep the History between Curves and Surfs
  • Reshape by moving CV on original curve



 Continue to work with;



What about SpeedForm, Sub-D and Maya?!

Speed Form _240 Speedform info

Assignment #5

Make a conceptual 3D-sketch

Use only 3D-curves!

Hide Background Curves with a gray "Blob" (object)
Here is an example Alias wire-file

Use your own background sketches or reuse some downloaded blueprints,










Assignment #4
F5.4 Car Hood













Assignment #5
Make a conceptual 3D-sketch


 Day 5

  • Introduction to 

    VRed VRED and

  • KeyShotKey Shot _240

  • How to use HDRI images.

Assignment #6

Make a Basic Rendering with VRed
Put your own "touch" on it!

Import your own model or

the Alias Aeromax.wire
Right-Click > Copy link address
VRed_Introduction The Aeromax.wire
Paste Link Into Window

VRed Tutorials













Assignment #6

VRed Basics
VRed _Car _240px

Day 6

F6 Aligning & Matching Surfaces & Curves



Assignment 7

F6.2 Bi-Rail Surface and Continuity

Bi Rail Surf Cont OptionsRebuild Explicit Locators


Continue to work with;


Continue to work with;


Assignment #7
Bi-Rail and Continuity

Day 7

Fundamentals Skill Builder Project




Day 8

Completing the assignments :)


If you have time :) then continue to work with;
W1 Concept Modeling

Day 9 (Thursday)

Sketches and Alias with Jonas Sandström

Jonas Sandström
Senior lecturer, industrial design

Day 10

Completing the assignments :)

Something on the "3D-Wishlist"?...

look into interesting 3D-modelling or Rendering problems.

Good work!
. .
. .

  Examination form and marks

Examination is in the form of individual practical test and presentation of results of the given exercises at school.

In order to obtain credit for the course, all sections and assignments must be successfully completed. Students receive a mark of either Pass or Fail for each assignment and section. For those students who do not receive a mark of pass, another opportunity is provided to pass the assignment or examination after a period of time. Presentation must be done in person at the school premises.

To pass;

  • Save one (1) source-file for each of the above exercises
    • alias *.wire or
    • speedform *.sf3d
    • keyshot *.bip only if smaller than 50mb!
    • vred *.vpb only if smaller than 50mb! 
  • Save three (3) picture-files for each of the above exercises
  • Picture size must be exactly 1280x1024 pixels. Can you do it? ;)
  • Pictures has to be in tiff or PNG -format (not compressed as jpg)
  • Save all files through the Cambro student portal:
  • Show the lecturer all the nice   Pictures
    (within the school and not through a remote desktop)


Top PC Lab
Located in the top floor of the administration building at the left.


Student computer lab time
Monday to Friday   09.00 to 16.00
Wednesday 09.00 to 12.00

Tutor computer lab time
Monday       09.00 to 14.00
Tuesday      09.00 to 14.00
Wednesday  09.00 to 12.00
Thursday     09.00 to 12.00
Friday         09.00 to 14.00


Alias Community;
General Discussion
Alias Community _240p

Fast concept modelling with
Speed Form _240

Download    free softwares
Free Download _240

Our school Server full of files :)

School Server _240

Some VRed links:

VLed Lightning :

VRed overview webinar (30min)

From James Cronin




Nice Rendering with:
Key Shot _240


HDRI backgrounds
On the Web:   Google Search
On the school server 1
On the school server 2:


From Fridolin Beisert's
Autodesk Alias Instructional Transportation Design Video (1h 18m)

 Youtube and Autodesk:


Need a challenge? On your own. Make these:

File to be saved