Equal opportunities at UID

It is important for us at UID to maintain a positive and productive work environment, free of harassment or discrimination. As an employer and an education provider we have an obligation to oppose harassment and discrimination or any other unequal treatment on our premises. There are seven grounds of discrimination covered by the law prohibiting discrimination:

  • sex
  • transgender identity or expression
  • ethnicity
  • religion or other belief
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • age 

Everyone at UID should feel that they are treated equally and have the same opportunities as everyone else. It means that all people should be treated similarly and not be hindered by artificial barriers, prejudices or preferences. You can find the UID guideline in case of unequal treatment here.

The responsibility for equal opportunities issues at UID lies with the head of departments, with support from the equal opportunities representatives at UID. All staff and all students have the responsibility to inform themselves about, and follow, the rules, guidelines and practices relating to issues regarding equal opportunities that are established at Umeå Institute of Design and Umeå University.

During the study year, equal opportunities issues are discussed and handled at School meetings, staff meetings, in the equal opportunities group (meetings usually Wednesdays after school meeting), and in the EHS group. At the local cooperation group before the decision meeting, issues of equal opportunities are always raised.

Equal opportunities representatives at UID:

Sara Eriksson, staff representative
Niklas Andersson, staff representative
Constance Jehu, IxD, student representative 2018-19
Mikael Svensson, BFA1,  student representative 2018-19

E-mail to student representatives

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December 5

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  • Have you been subjected to harassment or discrimination?

    This brochure provides information on where you can get support and how to report violations and discrimination:

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