Research Council

The Research council is a preparatory and advisory body that handles matters regarding research, artistic development work and PhD educaiton issues at Umeå Institute of Design.


Members of the Council:

Johan Redström, Rector (chair)
Helena Moliis, secretary
Catharina Henje, teacher/researcher representative
Erik Stolterman, teacher/researcher representative, tutor
Søren Rosenbak, PhD student representative
Akansha Aggarwal, student representative 2015-16

Peter Lundholm, teacher/researcher
Christoffel Kuenen, PhD student representative
Marcel Penz, student representative 2015-16

Meetings are held once a month, the second Wednesday of the month. Issues to be handled are sent in to the Chair or raised with the staff or student representatives in advance.

Meetings spring 2016

March 09
May 11

Meetings autumn 2015

October 14
December 9

Meetings spring 2015

February 25

April 22

Meetings autumn 2014

September 17
October 15
November 19
December no meeting

Meetings spring 2014

January 22 no meeting
February 19
March 19
April 23 No meeting
May 21
June 18 No meeting


Meetings autumn 2013

September 18
October 16
November 20
December 18 no meeting

Meetings spring 2013

January 16
February 20
March 13
April 10 no meeting
May 8
June 12  no meeting

Meetings autumn 2012

November 14
December 12