Local Cooperative Group

Before important decisions concerning the department, the UID leadership consults with the local cooperation group consisting of union representatives and the department representatives for the areas of work environment and equal access. Student and PhD student representatives are always invited to join in the disucssions, but if issues should arise that need to handled confidetially between UID leadership and the employee representatives, the student and PhD student representatives would be asked to leave the meeting for those items. The local cooperation group does not make decisions, but is a body that discusses and raises issues in relation to the decision meeting, in accordance with the agreement between Umeå University and the Unions defining how the Local Cooperation Group should fucntion (Lokalt samverkansavtal, Bilaga 3).

Members of the Local Cooperative Group: 

Johan Redström, Rector
Maria Göransdotter, Vice rector (chair)
Sara Eriksson, minutes taker and equal access representative  (ombud, lika villkor)
Lars Byström, work environment representative (arbetsmiljöombud) 
Rickard Åström, equal access representative (ombud, lika villkor)
Lars Byström, local union representative ST (lokalt fackligt ombud ST/OFR-S)
Peter Lundholm, local union representative SULF (okalt fackligt ombud SULF/Saco-S)

Invited to attend:
Aditya Pawar (PhD student representative 2017-18)
Vacant,  (student representantive 2017-18)

David Risberg,  deputy work environment representative (bitr. arbetsmiljöombud)
Søren Rosenbak (PhD student representative 2017-18)
vacant (student representantive 2017-18)


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