Subject and competence development

Subject development

All UID staff have an individual development plan, IUP,  that is updated and followed-up yearly, and for the teaching staff the IUP always includes a subject development area or project. To subject development, all UID staff have the possibility to apply for funding for artistic development work and for conference travel to present results of development work. See information in the grey sidebar to the right.

Staff exchange

As a staff member at UID, there are ample possibilities to have shorter or longer staff exchange periods for study visits, job shadowing or guest teaching at the partner universitites in our networks. Staff exchange is encouraged, so please follow the links in the grey sidebar, and also on the Grants and funding page, to explore possibilities.

Competence development at UmU

Umeå University offers a variety of courses and seminars for employees. See the current activites and courses here.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning, UPL, offer a wide range of courses, seminars and workshops for university teaching staff. See the UPL course overview for several years ahead, so that you as a teacher can plan when to take the different courses.

Humlab also offers a variety of courses and seminars that are of interest for university staff.

Sliperiet provides technical introductions to their prototyping workshops SoftLab and 3DLab. These introductions are free-of-charge for staff within Umeå University.

Pedagogical conferences

The Cumulus association arranges several conferences yearly, where design pedagogy sessions are held. See their web page for the most recent calls and previous proceedings »

The DRS Design Pedagogy Special Interest Group arranges sessions within the DRS conferences, and also specifically themed conferences, focusing design pedagogy.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning hosts biannual pedagogical conferences at Umeå University, and has a good link collection to other upcoming pedagogical conferences»

Join in the discussion on the relevance of industrial design education: Transitions: Exploring the Futures of Industrial Design Education »

UID Pedagogical seminars

The pedagogical seminars at UID are open for all staff, inhouse and visiting.

26 Oct 2016: Competence development in pedagogics and subject development

Pedagogical seminar 27 January 2016
Sven B Ericsson, UPL, is invited to talk about rules and regulations in Swedish higher education.


23 March 2016: Workshop on structuring future design education

Rules and guidelines for education:

Regelverk för utbildning på grund- och avancerad nivå vid UmU»

Code of rules for education at UmU »  (less extensive than the Swedish version)

Study year and term dates at UmU»

Legal framework at UmU»

Etiska riktlinjer för universitetslärare» (antogs av SULF:s kongress 2004)

Ethical guidelines for university teachers»  (adopted by the Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers, SULF, in 2004)  

Design seminars

Design seminars are open for all staff at UID. It is aimed to foster a shared dialogue around design topics considered to be of interest for subject and competence development at UID. Design seminars offer a format for deepened dialogue around a conjunction between research, professional and artistic practices within the design field.

Wednesday lectures

Wednesday lectures are arranged to give input for disucssion on subject development issues in the field of design amongst UID staff. The Wednesday lectures are also open for UID students and other staff and students at the Arts campus and Umeå university.

The complete list of Wednesday lectures»







  • Apply for artistic development work/travel funding

    UID staff can apply for funding for artistic development work projects, for collecting or producing materials for research, and travel funding for conferences.

    Deadlines for application are: 

    September 10
    October 10
    December 10
    January 10
    March 10
    May 10

    Applications are sent to the UID Subject development committee

    Application form (Word file)
    Policy 2017-05-11

  • Staff exchange

    Within all our current exchange agreements, at UID as well as at Umeå Universiy level, there are ample possibilities for staff exchange: from one-day study visits, to longer periods of exchange.

    UID exchange agreements
    UmU exchange agreements

    Nordiska rådet also offers exchange possibilities between state authorities (which many universities are) in the Nordic countries.

  • Design networks

    Cirrus - Nordic-Baltic Network of Art and Design Education

    Cumulus - International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

    DRS - Design Research Society

    Designfakulteten - The Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Design Education

    Nordes - Nordic Design Research

    SVID - Swedish Industrial Design Foundation