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BFA programme in Industrial Design, 180 ECTS (3 years)

The  BFA programme in industrial design is held in Swedish. Please, visit the Swedish BFA programme website for further information on how to apply.

In the BFA programme in industrial design, we educate designers that create visions possible to realize. A central question for us is: Could things be different?

What does an industrial designer do?

An industrial designer works with developing products and services where the user is not a single, identified person. The purpose is, many times, to solve, enable or satisy a need or a wish. The product or service shall also satisfy a need seen from a market or production perspective.

This is a complex task with many entry points and perspectives. Sustainability (social, ecological and economic), production choices, emotional needs, business strategies, use, and quality of life are just a few of the aspects. We therefore talk about our work as founded in a holistic approach.

About the education

On the BFA programme, we work with the basic "trintiy" of person, product/service and context. In applied projects, other aspects are also focused to frame the studies in a very realistic setting.

The educational aim is that our studenst will "build" their own creative design process, with a starting point in a Swedish user centered design tradition. Abilities for innovation, cooperation and communication are all areas that a future industrial designer needs to develop. The education aims for an innovative way of working. UID offers well suited facilities and cutting edge technologies for industrial design education. This opens up possibilities for students to, during their entire study time, test and devlop the areas that the student considers most important and interesting.

An open and "family-like" atmosphere in the student groups is important in order to establish a good setting for a creative environment. In addition to this, the very international student group at UID creates a multicultural learning environment. This open and diverse atmosphere also includes our staff and faculty, external tutors from the design profession and our network of collaborating companies and alumni.

Exchange studies

The BFA programme is open for exchange students from fall term 2018. The programme is run in swedish and swedish competence is required.  See more information here.


Per Sihlen BW

Contact Per Sihlén, Programme director for the BFA programme in industrial design
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