Industrial design
courses ranging
from 5 weeks to
a full year


Umeå Institute of Design offers one one-year course and a number of single subject courses in industrial design and related areas.

Industrial Design Intensive (basic level), 60 ECTS

Course cancelled for the academic year 20-21

The course does not accept new applicants in the autumn of 2020 due to low number of approved applicants.

This course focuses on design methodology and design practice in the field of industrial design. The course format is intensive, and while starting with the fundamentals on a basic level, the pace and study methods support students in order for them to attain high level of design skills and competence during the year of study.  Studies are mainly conducted in project format where theory and practice are combined. The course is open for students from disciplines other than industrial design who wish to specialise within the design field.

Single Subject Courses (Fristående kurser)

Umeå Institute of Design offers several five- or ten-week courses within the subject area of industrial design to provide for different student categories to broaden their skills through design methodology, and to specialise within the design field. Design methodology for areas such as problem analysis, generating ideas, visualising and presenting can be applied to a broad set of contexts and areas, and are often helpful in other areas than design as well. To these courses, applications are made through, and work samples are not required byUID.







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