Morteza Abdipour

Morteza AbdipourPhLic Student
Phone: +46 765845867



I hold Master of Art & Science in Industrial Design from Mid Sweden University with focus on 'Design for All'.

After studies I worked as a research assistant to develop the concept of Design Research Lab. The aim of this research study was set up a Design Lab to assist researcher and designers identify the impact of design solutions on users behaviors in design evaluation process.


What I do at UID

I am carrying out my PhLic studies at UID, which is the first PhD study collaboration between Department of Industrial Design at Mid Sweden University and Umeå Institutes of Design at Umeå University. 



My research area is about 'Large Display User Interfaces'. The project has been defined by Fiber Science and Communication Network research group at Mid Sweden University.

In my primarily research proposal, I pay attention to impact of Large Display on user behaviors. 

In this project I am working with virtual environment, prototyping large display, user studies and simulation different environments when users interact with large screens.

My Advisors are Erik Stolterman (School of Informatics, Indiana University) and Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund (Department of Information and Communication Systems, Mid Sweden University).


Areas of my interests

User interfaces, Virtual reality, User involvement, Design research, Experience design.



A design research lab - An integrated model to identify conscious and unconscious behavior in the design process.

Authors: Morteza Abdipour, Lena Lorentzen, Håkan Olin. 2016