Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Trade Visits UID

On May 8:th, the Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Trade visited UID. 17 politicians representing the entire Swedish political spectrum were escorted around the premises by Rector Johan Redström and Vice-Rector Maria Göransdotter. Although interested in UID's history and core values, the diverse group of parliamentarians seemed especially keen to talk to students and learn about specific projects going on at UID.

Said Abdu, a young parliamentarian representing the Liberals, kept reaching for his mobile to snap pictures of the students' posters and display models. 

"The students at campus were clearly very ambitious and communicative. The whole place seemed a stimulating and creative work environment. I really got the impression that the faculty were aiming to foster a curious approach towards learning, seeing it as a process that is not only done inside the walls of the school, rather in many different networks, throughout life."

UID's track record of collaborating with external, often corporate partners was of obvious interest to the members of the Committee on Industry and Trade. As Rector Johan Redström talked about the long tradition of incorporating real stakeholders in society early on in the education process the twenty-something politicians nodded along.

Said Abdu, himself an economist by training, was in agreement.

"Having an initial involvement from business, involving different stakeholders from society and market early on in the process is, in my view, a very important step in the learning process as well as a key towards becoming successful in your future career."