UID students win two Red Dot Design Concept awards - UID ranked in the top for the fifth year in a row

From a total of 4,680 entries from 61 countries, present and former UID students were recognised with two awards in the 2015 edition of Red Dot's Design Concept awards.

2015 Reddot 1 Anna

The first award was given to ANNA - a concept for a breathing assistant that helps children through the procedure of anaesthesia. The lights and sounds of ANNA helps children, who otherwise could be distracted and intimidated by the hospital context, to focus their attention and prompt them to inhale and exhale slower and deeper, speeding up the sedation through a simple and friendly gamification.

The concept was developed during the Industrial Sound Design course, as a group effort by Trieuvy Luu (The Netherlands) and Lars Sundelin (Sweden) from the Interaction Design programme, and Janis Beinerts (Latvia) and Sebastian Aumer (Germany) from the Advanced Product Design programme.

The project also won Core77's Interaction category in 2015.

2015 Reddot 2 Uni

The second award went to UNI - a concept for a unified neonatal system, designed by Alexander Turesson and Cindy Sjöblom (Sweden) from at the Advanced Product Design programme. The concept was developed during the term project Design Concepts for New CPAP Systems for Infants in Intensive Care.
The concept consists out of a CPAP, Humidifier, Serialised water bag, EDI and four Syringe pumps. A modular Ventilator/HFO unit is also included in the system for more extreme situations. By unifying the most used NICU equipment into one system, the UNI system saves space, reduces the number of cables and hoses needed, and creates a better overview of the NICU equipment. The UNI system would not only be space saving, it would also result in a much tidier and calmer work environment for the NICU personnel and more pleasant experience for the patients.
The project was carried out in close collaboration with the neonatal intensive care ward at the Umeå University hospital and included studies of the workflow and the "chain of care", taking into consideration functionality, clinical demands and the user experience, seen from both primary and secondary users. The project also won Core77's Commercial Equipment category in 2015.

This year's wins ensured that the Umeå Institute of Design was once again, for the fifth year in a row, ranked in the top of Red Dot's list of the best schools in Americas and Europe.