TD1 student Viljami Räisänen wins 2015 RD Velho design competition

RD velho Ltd is a engineering & design office which is concentrated on producing product development services for electro mechanical services. Annually, the company organizes a design competition for design students, designers and groups of designers in Finland. This years brief was to create a new design language to Junttan Ltd, which is a Finnish pile driving machine manufacturer.

Viljami Räisänen 2015 RD Velho design award

Viljami Räisänen, currently studying his first year at the Transportation programme at UID, won first prize 2015 with his design "Junttan Pioneer" and was awarded 3000 euros.
"In this design language I was inspired by squary shaped batteries. This battery theme can be seen in the two containers at back of the vehicle: They symbolizes the power source of the machine. This battery-like shape gives an impression as if the counter weight on the back is sort of splitted from this battery.  I also wanted to emphasize the separated cabin, as it creates a more symphatetic look and softens up this masculine machine.  The cabin has a strong forward tilted character which also gives an impression of a hard working and humble machine." says Viljami Räisänen.

The jury stated that the "Level of the pioneer-concept is a top-quality. Pioneer is excellently designed and the quality of the work is a top level. This concept is feasible and the design language is adjustable to other products as well. The forms and characteristics of the vehicle is well justificated."